Standing out on LinkedIn: Tips for building your personal brand 2024.

In one of our previous blogs, we talked about the importance of personal branding for an organization and how LinkedIn is the best platform to start with that. But now the question arises how to exactly start with personal branding on LinkedIn? Or, What kind of content should be posted for building a personal brand because in today’s competitive job market, having a strong personal brand is more important than ever before. With over 722 million members, it’s not easy to make your LinkedIn profile shine. However, a strong personal brand can be a game-changer for freelancers looking to showcase their skills and attract exciting opportunities.

As a digital marketing freelancer myself, I know what it takes to create a real impact on LinkedIn. In this post, I’ll walk through my 5 top tips for optimizing your profile and activity to build an influential and memorable personal brand.

  • Fully optimized profile
  • Attention-grabbing headline
  • Compelling Content
  • Consistency
  • Share your work

Personal Branding Tip 1: Keep Your Profile Up-To-Date and Fully Optimized

Just like you update your resume, consistently maintain your LinkedIn profile. Add new roles, skills and projects as they unfold. This shows you are active in your career path and always eager to grow. An outdated profile full of stale, irrelevant information reflects poorly on your personal brand. So set calendar reminders to revisit your profile every few months and refresh it. Also, make sure that your profile is fully optimized because it makes your profile visible to more people when searching for a service you provide. 

Read my guide on optimizing your LinkedIn profile for more tips to boost your visibility and credibility on the platform. (Insert link for another blog topic)

Personal Branding Tip 2: Craft an Attention-Grabbing Headline 

Your LinkedIn headline sits front and center beneath your name. Don’t waste this prime real estate with a generic job title and company name. Instead, get creative and think of your headline as a slogan that expresses who you are as a professional. 

For example, “Passionate brand strategist empowering purpose-driven companies” tells people way more than “Vice President at XYZ Corp”. Take time to brainstorm keywords and phrases that communicate your values, strengths, and expertise. 

Personal Branding Tip 3: Craft Clear and Compelling Content

When sharing content on LinkedIn, be it long form or short form, ensure the writing is compelling. Use clear headers, an engaging opening hook, and scannable formatting like bullet points and short paragraphs. 

Craft your content strategy into 3 pillars: 1. Generic content (Top funnel)

                                                                 2. Industry specific content (Middle funnel) 

                                                                 3. Sales content (Bottom funnel) 

Well-written, on-brand content positioned as valuable insight rather than a sales pitch can enhance your thought leadership. But rambling, overly promotional content can damage your brand’s authority. So take time to polish your writing. We, at Dechcept, bridge the communication gap for your brand and its targeted audience. Reach out to us for crafting compelling content. 

Understand the content pillars in detail over here. (Insert link for another blog topic)

Personal Branding Tip 4: Be CONSISTENT

Standing out takes time and effort. Building a strong personal brand on LinkedIn requires dedication and patience. Be consistent in posting content for at least 3 months and you will start getting leads because consistency also helps content gain more visibility in LinkedIn’s algorithm over time. Check out my tips for winning with LinkedIn’s algorithm. (insert link for another post) The more frequently you post, the more it reaches out to your 1st and 2nd connections. 

Pro tip: follow this 10-post strategy consistently for three months.

            Top funnel content…………….6 posts

            Middle funnel content…………3 posts

            Bottom funnel content…………1 post

Personal Branding Tip 5: Share Examples of Your Work

One powerful way to build your brand on LinkedIn is through sharing content that brings your expertise to life. Post examples of projects you’ve completed, presentations you’ve given, articles you’ve published, videos and webinars you’ve created. Show don’t just tell. This allows people to actually see your skills and thought leadership in action.

Helpful tip: incorporate visual media like infographics, photos, slides, and video clips whenever possible to make your content more engaging.

Putting It All Together

With a polished profile, eye-catching headline, value-driven content and persistent publishing approach, you can establish yourself as a top freelancer on LinkedIn. But it takes time and dedication. Start implementing these tips today to get your personal brand headed in the right direction.

Want help accelerating your LinkedIn success? As a digital marketing freelancer, I offer one-on-one LinkedIn strategy sessions tailored to your goals. Let’s chat!

2024 is going to be all about personal branding. So, create your account on LinkedIn today itself.

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